Crucified Swarm

from by Icingdeath



My life for the swarm.

I'm one more locust in this swarm
our lives are fucked, there's no salvation
you can't find salvation, because we are all alone
I can't handle anymore, I can't stand the lies
there's no reason to live, This is nothing but a senseless play
our destiny is worthless
but we born brutaly hanged and gluttony makes us spit venom to vehemence
beings that in their own existance are limited to misery.

Dark desolation of pointless lives
the threshold incites you to accomplish your duty
volatile humans reflects anger through the underdevelopment
we don't deserve to die
life has no transcendental purpose
our existance has no significance
the final purpose of the swarm
The limitless malice of the human kind.

they're just worms totally convinced of their own superiority
but I forget that I'm here because of starvation
I'm another undead of this swarm thrown to the rising sun
we don't deserve to die
while time goes on in their routine and short life.

And you cover your fear with your fucking divine argument
doom came before we were born.

We're the parasite, we're the swarm,
We will never be free, we're all fucked.


from Symbiotic Depravation EP, released June 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Icingdeath Santiago, Chile

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