Symbiotic Depravation EP

by Icingdeath

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released June 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Icingdeath Santiago, Chile

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Track Name: Symbiotic Depravation
I need your grotesque corpse for my depravity
Drowning the depths in which symbiosis is the observer
Infestation at the crucifixion
fiend that infects the senses
She shares my thirst for depravity

You vomit the fake memory of my affection
behave you fucking whore
I fuck you while you spit blood
This symbiosis is fucking haunting me
desire blind us and fear paralyze us
behave you fucking whore
and do your duty, sucks.
your pleasant sensation burns in my skin.

I behead desperation,
I hunt through silence, I harass the wounds.
I can't control myself when I feel the inner warmth of whores.

Depravation will devour
Depravation will prevail
Depravation will devour
Depravation will prevail

I feel good in this horror.
exhaling the heartbreaking screams
The fragrance of your corpse,
starts perversion,
your life is worthless,
Rot eats your corpse away and the hormones take control,
behave you fucking whore.

behave yourself you fucking whore.
Track Name: Interdimensional Lights
Parasitic decline, crushing idleness
In this dimension, I've lost my mind
I can't feel, I can't see
Fuck the addict of the gateway
Decompose the unstable and rot function.

Altered dimension, these inner lights blind me
Thousand of dimensions, a spectrum of light
In this dimension, a program released
Code of this immersion, a spectrum of light.

We are not worth of living this fucking existance
short moments of disturbed virtual happiness
stupidity eats where intelligence should decapitate
you know that the curse has been summoned
the threshold is altered, there's no salvation
limitless hyperspace for this fucking life

unchaining the extinction level event

Psionic Disruptor to Parasitic Swarm
Infinite desperation becomes in a space for your life,
Go fuck yourself.

Slaves to the spiral
embedded to the intangible money
feedback of the vortex
you will never know the truth.

Parasitic decline, crushing idleness
In this dimension, I've lost my mind
I can't feel, I can't see
Fuck the addict of the gateway
Decompose the unstable and rot function.

Keep living us insignificant life.
Track Name: Born to be Fucked
Puta de mierda egoísta
Piensas que soy un enfermo?
Mira tus brazos esas cicatrices.

Debí haber dejado que te ahogaras en tus putas lágrimas
Caí en tus trampas, eres una puta obsesiva
Estas sola, aunque evites la realidad
Solo buscas alguien que cumpla tus putas carencias
Que te dejo tu asquerosa familia
Estas muerta, puta de mierda.

Tu recuerdo es la perdición,
Estas pudriéndote en la oscura desolación
No me asombra ver que no estás sola
Fuiste la puta más fácil de todas.

Lo que hice era para que cumplieras tu puta función
Aún tengo todo impregnado tu repúgnate olor,
Me das asco, no puedo entender como estuve tanto tiempo
Soportando tú falta de auto estima y tu inseguridad
Puta de mierda estás enferma
No eres nada, mira tus brazos esas cicatrices.

Ocultas que termino, pero sigues siendo
la misma miserable
Buscas afecto insaciablemente
Me da asco pensar que te cogía
El olvido no puede liberarme del odio.

Aun te mereces más de los golpes de los que recibiste,
Hija de puta estas muerta para mí.
Track Name: Scavenger
This makes me sick to be a part of you.

You thinking and convictions
Are so stupid, are similar to the existance of god
Fuck everything you hope for
There's no life that's worth saving
The world's worst pest

Shut the fuck up, you're piece of shit.
I will give you 666 stabs.

You fake vision of world without war, full of innocence
Foolish happiness and fucking love
That makes me want to blow all with fucking bombs

Contributing to the decadent throne we sentence ourselves to
The madness and to feed, the fucking ego with our technology toys.

You smell the rotten smell of your meat while you, burn to death.
Tt's so hard to realize our destiny?
How can you convince your son that god exists?
You contribute to the curse
To keep the society just where our masters want it.

You work and feed, goods are meaningless.
To protect all the lies that mean the volatile existance.

We are the world's worst pest of this fucking planet
And he should die with all of us.
Track Name: Tormentor
Immersed and able to become into several entities
Morphs this reality, leaving us in eternal gloom.
Our fucking lives root the tormentor.
Cold strings to roadless paths
Tormented lives to obsolescence
Thrown to over black heat, crucifying the chains
Everything to the cold depths.

Burning slavemaster down intensely
Fuck your lives.
Burning slavemaster down intensely
Fuck your lives.

Thrown to over black heat, crucifying the chains
Everything to the cold depths
And bloodshed will be in all streets.
Track Name: Repulsion
All your face's worms, This is my blur vision
Taste of your flesh, my throat takes you breath
And the essence is Depravation.
Beatiful are your legs which embrace me
Perspiration runs in our hands, as I come in, you tremble.
Purity was broken, our bodies seem like one
Running out of blood in your fucking veins.

Clotted blood goes across the cold void
Pure cold hatred.

You get excited in complicity with my eyes
I will take your skin, devouring your scent.
Spit your fucking secrets out
Why has to be this way?
And all her crap, it gets rot deep in the sea of your warm corpse.
Look at my cursed eyes, scream to my ears.
behold your instinct wanting for more
Your warm inside perverts me more and more.

This goes beyond me, it's something that I love, I can't resist
behead the purity.

All your face's worms, This is my blur vision
Taste of your flesh, this Repulsion in me.
Track Name: Crucified Swarm
My life for the swarm.

I'm one more locust in this swarm
our lives are fucked, there's no salvation
you can't find salvation, because we are all alone
I can't handle anymore, I can't stand the lies
there's no reason to live, This is nothing but a senseless play
our destiny is worthless
but we born brutaly hanged and gluttony makes us spit venom to vehemence
beings that in their own existance are limited to misery.

Dark desolation of pointless lives
the threshold incites you to accomplish your duty
volatile humans reflects anger through the underdevelopment
we don't deserve to die
life has no transcendental purpose
our existance has no significance
the final purpose of the swarm
The limitless malice of the human kind.

they're just worms totally convinced of their own superiority
but I forget that I'm here because of starvation
I'm another undead of this swarm thrown to the rising sun
we don't deserve to die
while time goes on in their routine and short life.

And you cover your fear with your fucking divine argument
doom came before we were born.

We're the parasite, we're the swarm,
We will never be free, we're all fucked.